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Yoga Teacher Training in India

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course - A Course Meant to enhance Joy, Peace, Health and Spirituality in Your Life!

Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is a gateway to unfold the divine secrets of life, It is a beginner level course that allows Yoga aspirants to acquire teaching skills that prepare them to learn how to build their own Yoga classes and share their wisdom with others while enhancing their personal Yoga practices. This course covers popular Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga which prepares human body and mind for ultimate possibilities of human life. We believe that right beginning makes our journey easy, provides us the strong foundation and helps us achieve our goals. So we have been designed the course not just to train the body but to start one’s inner journey towards self-realization by bringing a balance between a healthy body and mind.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India
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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh India

Are you looking relax time or want to de-stress ? Rishikesh is a unique and exciting yoga holidays destination in the world. There are many activities and places like river-rafting, trekking, caves, temples, ayurvedic massage, yoga and meditation retreats right on its doorstep. Truly Rishikesh is a dreamy place that full fill visitors aspiration and give them joy and peace. Throughout your retreats, you will learn how to live a positive happy life and how to purify your physical and emotional body through intensive breathing techniques and connect with your soul. Even a short stay with us to bring a happiness in your life. This would be life-changing experience and you will never forget it.

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Yoga Teacher Training in India

Are you learning what you like and what can transform your lives?

The answer to all these queries is yoga teacher training in India. A teacher training program that is completely devoted to yoga that allow to learn the right way to breathe and discover the divinity of the body. Our yoga teacher training courses are designed to provide maximum exposure to the study and practice of yoga with classes intended to deepen your knowledge of Yoga Philsophy, Spirituality, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Sutras, Asanas, Pranayamas, Bandas and Meditation. It is unique approach of Arpit Yoga Academy towards yoga that enables it to stand out from the crowd.
The yoga school strictly believes that if we don’t understand the expectations and mindset of a yoga student we can’t help them learn true yoga even after having in-depth knowledge of yoga and best teachers of the world. So first we have extracted all relevant information about yoga from both ancient sources like scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads and today yoga experts. Second our teaching methodology is based on extensive research that includes analysis of vedic teaching methodology and interviews of renowned yoga experts and today yoga aspirants. Accordingly we have designed small yoga batches and also maintained a healthy student-teacher ratio. We believe in cultivating bonding with the students first learning starts afterwards. Regarding our teaching panel, apart from rich yogic background and experience we also give importance to personal traits of the masters. We believe a yoga teacher must have patience, compassion and a sense of responsibility towards his or her job before being a yoga expert.

Course highlights which make us exclusive

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
$1350 | Booking Open
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
$1350 | Booking Open
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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
$1350 | Booking Open
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Student Reviews

Learning yoga at Arpit Yoga Place was quite meaningful. The masters, management and supporting staff were very helpful and aware of their roles and responsibilities. My room was quite peaceful. The stay was basic yet comfortable. I got fresh bedding, furniture, locker,cupboard and western style washroom in my room. My day started with a cup of herbal tea and Sun Salutation.
Kim( Canada )
Hi I am jennifer from New Jersey, I spend one month at Arpit yoga place which is in Rishikesh, India. Here, I came for certified beginner level yoga teacher training course. I feel I get more than I paid for a yoga course at Arpit Yoga. They are providing comfortable stay along with the meal for the duration of the training.
jennifer ( USA)

Why Arpit Yoga ?

Unfold the opportunities & take your skills to the next level in presence of majestic Himalaya Mountain and river Ganges.
  • Experienced Yoga Teachers

    A teacher has an important role to play in a teaching program. Arpit Yoga believes that an ideal yoga teacher is the backbone of a yoga teacher training program. Only having a sound course-content is not enough until you don’t have a master who knows how to transfer his or her yogic wisdom and skills to the students. Arpit Yoga has followed a 360 degree approach (holistic approach) in constituting its teaching panel. So along with required qualification and experience we also have given emphasis on personality traits of the masters. Hence we are able to include great masters in our teaching panel. We can proudly say that our masters have enough compassion, patience and ability to interact with yoga students from different cultures and backgrounds. We have different experts for different aspects and styles of yoga like Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga. So for every query, doubt or difficulty related to yoga we have the authentic answers and solutions.

  • World Class Accommodation

    The accommodation at Arpit Yoga is based on the in-depth analysis of yogic life style and expectations and suggestions of the yoga aspirants. Also first we understood the yogic life style, yogic environment and yogic diet then afterwards we have designed a world class accommodation for our yoga students. The accommodation is amidst beautiful mountains and landscapes of Rishikesh, a holy city and popular tourist destination of India. Rooms have great aesthetic appeal and are fully furnished. Washrooms is fully equipped with all basic western comforts and facility of 24/7 running hot and cold water. Experiencing yogic life style and eating yogic diet at Arpit Yoga brings more energy and positivity to yoga teacher training of our students.

  • Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA

    Arpit Yoga has preserved the true essence of yoga in its yoga teacher training programs. We also understand the importance of yoga certifications and accreditations. So our yoga school meets the international yoga standards set for the yoga schools and successfully got registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. Hence we enjoy the status of registered yoga schools and can proudly produce certified yoga teachers. Our course content and duration of theory and practical training sessions are in accordance with the guidelines of Yoga Alliance USA. Apart from this we have also designed a code of conduct for both students and masters that should be followed throughout the entire training session. After completing the training we evaluate the skills of yoga students. It helps us closely examine the strengths and weaknesses related to yoga alignments. Accordingly our experts give the students the required tips and suggestions that are very useful for them throughout their life.

Why Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Do you know about the world yoga capital ?
It is Rishikesh!
Rishikesh is located at the foothills of Himalaya Mountain in the presence of river Ganges. It is considered as best Yoga destination with serene environment surrounded by fascinating natural beauty that motivates Yoga aspirants to engage in Yoga practices and deepens their Yogic experiences.
Since ancient times yoga is in practice in Rishikesh that blessed it with rich yoga heritage. Spirituality is a common thing between yoga and Rishikesh. Yoga is a spiritual practice and Rishikesh is a spiritual city. It helps us to understand the connection between yoga and Rishikesh and also why ancient yogis chose Rishikesh to deepen their yogic skills.
Even today the peaceful environment, pleasant climate and natural beauty of the city are continuously attracting the yogis and yoga practitioners from across the world. And it is home to various renowned ancient yoga ashrams that provide the strong foundation for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Arpit Yoga understands what conditions are best to teach, learn and practice yoga. There should be peace, pollution free environment, pleasant climate and scenic surroundings to give students’ exposure to nature some of our training sessions are conducted beside beautiful mountains as well as on the banks of holy river Ganges.