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Arpit Yoga Academy is a yogic mirror that helps one get the real images of inner self and realize the union of soul with the cosmos. It reflects the pure unadulterated yogic wisdom and skills through its yoga teacher training programs. We are established at holy land of Rishikesh which is full of peace, spirituality and natural beauty. We feel that a yoga student perhaps can’t find the better place than Rishikesh across the world to learn yoga. The objective of our teachings is to present the clear picture of yoga through teaching all aspects of yoga.

So our Yoga course gives equal emphasis on yoga philosophy, asanas, meditation, pranayama and spiritual aspects of yoga. Our yoga teacher training programs and facilities meet the international standards set for the yoga schools by Yoga Alliance USA. So Arpit Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga academy, a yogic platform to emerge as a certified yoga teacher through a certified yoga teacher training program. Yoga School Rishikesh Arpit Yoga is not restricted to quality of yoga teachings, we also thought about the budget and comfort of our students during their stay at the academy. Accordingly we have designed affordable yoga teacher training packages inclusive of stay, meal and other facilities. Stay and meal at Arpit Yoga Academy is inspired from yogic life style and yogic diet as we want our students understand the values and importance of yogic life styles and yogic diet along with leaning yoga. Accommodation is equipped with all basic western comforts and meal is vegetarian and freshly prepared from organic vegetable, pulses and spices.

Yoga School in Rishikesh Being located at Rishikesh, we are able to arrange various fun activities at weekends for our students like river rafting, kakaying, mountain biking, and trekking. We don’t want to miss anything that we can do to make the learning of our students more pleasant and memorable. We don’t comprise with discipline and decorum so we have designed a code of conduct that students have to follow. We also have an evaluation procedure to evaluate the progress of the students at regular intervals. Accordingly students are given the necessary tips and suggestions to improve their practice. When training is complete and evaluation is done, a ceremony is conducted to award the certifications to the students.

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