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Hatha Yoga is one of the popular styles of yoga out of many other styles like Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. It is found very useful at beginner’s level as it is a preparatory stage of yoga. The meaning of word Hatha is forceful or willful. This style of yoga involves asanas (poses) designed to align your spine, skin, bones and muscles. It also helps open blocked energy channels in the body to maintain smooth energy flow between different body systems.

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Hatha is a combination of two words ha means "sun" and tha means "moon." So, it is about balancing the masculine aspects (hot, active, sun) and the feminine aspects (cool, receptive, moon) of our nature. In each pose, we learn to balance and unite the opposites. Our body also becomes more balanced in strength and flexibility. It is also an excellent practice for self-transformation. It gives emphasis on focusing attention on breath that is required to still and calm the restless mind. Basically, it is a practice that prepares you physically and mentally for higher possibilities. India being the birthplace of yoga offers you many yoga institutes, schools and academies for hatha yoga teacher training in India. Almost all are registered with Yoga Alliance, USA and headed by experienced yoga gurus (masters). The most popular cities for yoga courses are Rishikesh, Mysore, Kerala and Goa as they are also beautiful tourist spots. You not only complete your training in hatha yoga but also enjoy beautiful locations such as mountain ranges, freely flowing rivers, sea beaches and beautiful landscapes.
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The fee structures are also very affordable in India for hatha yoga teacher training. Also, they provide various other free services in their yoga courses packages such as accommodation with all the basic facilities, healthy vegetarian Indian meal with fruits, green salads, and daily massages, etc. The training is provided by registered yoga instructors with proven track record in teaching yoga for years. Batches are small in size (10-15 students per batch); it helps the instructor to focus on each and every student to produce a successful batch of future hatha yoga teachers. The students are also trained in providing training to the students at beginner or intermediate level so focus is on overall development of the hatha yoga students in yoga schools of India. As we know, it is gentle form of yoga that involves slower-paced practice with focus on breathing and alignments. So you can wear anything that would keep your body warm and make you comfortable while practicing slower-paced moves.
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You can also compare different hatha yoga teacher training programs in India and can choose one that completely fulfills your requirements in terms of duration of program, fee structure and other included services in the package. Every city has its own culture, specialties, climate and scenic beauty, so accordingly you can align your choice of yoga institute with the kind of climate , culture and other activities like trekking, river rafting and water sports in sea beaches, etc.

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