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Yoga alliance is an organization which came into being when 2 volunteer, yoga lovers formed a firm named Unity in Yoga and Ad Hoc Yoga Alliance which later merged together and came into life Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is the organization behind the constitution of yoga standards. It is also responsible to outreach this magnificent art form not just in United States of America or India but all throughout the world. As organization yoga alliance supports the education and promotion of this ancient art which came into being in India. Arpit Yoga Academy is also one of the registered yoga schools under the yoga alliance, United States of America and completely follows the standards set by the organization. This organization promotes honor and acceptance of many different styles of yoga and also spreads the insight of this yogic science in the form of Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

At Arpit Yoga Academy we offer the same sought of Yoga Teacher Training Courses and after successful completion of the course, students are awarded with a Yoga Alliance Certification. With the aid of this Yoga Alliance Certification the aspiring yoga teacher can get himself or herself registered under the Yoga Alliance, USA. The recognition, respect and qualification you achieve under Yoga Alliance registered academy cannot be compared with any other ordinary yoga school. As this organization has its own precise code of conduct which states the ethical & professional yoga teaching methods and methodology. These codes of conducts are formed on the basis of yoga values. Anyone looking ahead to become a successful yoga instructor, it is highly essential to choose the apt yoga teacher training course and most importantly the right yoga alliance registered academy. The registration with yoga alliance itself proves the professional approach as well as a guarantee of quality yogic education, it is also not necessary that each yoga school's program, timings, methodology, syllabus, etc, match your precise requirement. Hence, it is extremely essential to do a good amount of research and join the program carefully.

The most common and recognized yoga teacher training program is 200 hours yoga teacher training, 300 hours yoga teacher training, 500 hours yoga teacher training, Asthanga yoga teacher training and Hatha yoga teacher training. And to be a part of the Yoga Alliance, USA, it is mandatory to complete successfully at least 200 hours yoga teacher training and that too from a profound institution. This Yoga Alliance certification is very crucial documentation which itself reveals that a teacher has undergone a successful yogic edification and holds at least 200 hours program training.

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