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Arpit Yoga Academy is based in the yoga capital of India- Rishikesh. It presents to you a 200 hours yoga teacher training program which is basically designed for beginners. This beginner's course designed under Arpit yoga academy is accredited by Yoga Alliance International. The curriculum of our yoga courses for beginners is designed in such a manner that it will induce each & every necessary skill into the yoga practitioner which will help him or her to take this yogic art as a profession. The course includes a routine yoga practice which will help students to develop & strengthen their own Yoga skills. During this program students will become confident and capable enough to teach yoga, suitable to a style which is compatible to his or her surroundings. Our program aims at providing yoga practitioners a solid foundation which can help students to enhance their learnings on the path of Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners course has modern as well as traditional style of yoga learnings. With a batch size of approx. 10-15 people our beginner's course gives students a great sense of self learning, leaning and experiencing which benefits them in realizing & correcting themselves including the aptitude of calming and relaxing at their own will. The course is refined and imparted by the senior teachers of Arpit Yoga Academy for more than 20 years and has succeeded in providing the world with some great yoga devotees. More significantly, the enrollers of the program will fortify their spiritual evolution and experience the peace attained from this ancient yogic art. Later on students will be able to convert this into an effectual teaching methodology for students as they move ahead in life to become a professional yoga instructor. The time spent to complete this course will reap benefits in future and these benefits will be long-lasting.

The accredited element of this beginner's course is the ideal blend of the dynamic and rigorous physical facet with the inspiring in-depth teachings & techniques imparted from some of the esteemed in-house as well as guests teachers of the academy. This even exhibits a strong amalgamation of west with the eastern culture & heritage. Yoga Teacher Training for Beginners course includes all the vital elements of yoga such as- Breathing techniques (Pranayama), Asanas, Mudras, Meditation and Bandhas. The modules of the program ideally fit with the requisites set out by the yoga alliance for the Yoga courses for Beginners. All this coupled with a passionate teaching approach certifies that no one feels lagging behind.

RYT 200 Hours -Certification

  • There will be a process of assessment - written as well as practical.
  • At least 90% attendance is required to qualify for TTC certification.
  • Behaviour of the student would also be considered in assessing his/her progress.
  • All the students who successfully complete our course are awarded "Yoga Teacher Training Certificate RYT 200”.

Prerequisites for Training

  • You must be physically as well as mentally fit for getting enrol into our training sessions.
  • Proper medical consultation is advisable, specially for pregnant women before joining our courses.
  • Age limit for our courses is 18-60 years.
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