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Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh, India

India certainly is the World capital of Yoga. In addition, to a rich and differentiated culture much of Indian lifestyle is simple and motivated by yogic principles. In our retreat we endeavor to provide you the best Yoga experience and a number of study options from locations best known for such retreat. Whether you seek yoga holidays by the Ashrams of Kerala or the beaches of Goa but the natural beauty of Himalayas will definitely convince you to look no further. Yoga is an informed and contemporary way of leading a yogic lifestyle. Arpit Yoga retreats combine the stress breaking psychosomatic benefits of yoga with the body augmenting physical advantages and other aspects of fitness which can provide you an excellent yoga retreat experience. It's a spiritual approach of knowing yourself and a step forward to well being that guarantees retreats are never uninteresting or dull, and that will defy and improve your body and mind's stability.

So take responsibility of your own wellbeing and get a pinch of learning in the Basics of Yogic science through a captivating experience in divine Rishikesh. With high-class single rooms and private room with amenities like- Western bathrooms with 24 by 7 hot running water, you will discovery an atmosphere most favorable to be capable to self-reflect and get on an expedition of discovering yourself while your fundamental necessities and maximum comfort levels are met. By opting for a yoga retreat in India at Arpit Yoga Academy, a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance USA, you will get an opportunity to comprehend yoga and yogic lifestyle in the very place of its source. So give it a try, the gentle way of learning yoga in a Rishikesh at Arpit Yoga retreat in India. The yoga retreat will adapt you to academy's life beside with some holiday activities such as- local sightseeing, trekking and rafting.

The fresh, satvik and vegetarian meals provided during your Yoga Retreat will assist you nurture healthier and as you improve your yogic skills you will grow into strong and more stronger. The Yoga Retreat at Arpit Yoga Academy is precisely intended to assist you get the maximum out of Yoga for the period of your tiny stay. Arpit Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga Academy with Yoga Alliance USA and you can be assured of genuine yoga learning.

Program Features:
  • An introduction to yoga- practice of the Yoga at beginners level
  • Comprehensive learning of asanas- Asana practices, including the Surya Namaskar which will help in overall toning of body and other organs of the body.
  • Meditation practices- will help you de-stress and relax
  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama)- fills the body with positive energy and gives sense of harmony in mind & body
  • Relaxation techniques- induce deep-relaxation

At the finish of this yogic retreat, besides being rejuvenated, you will get a feel of self-liberation to succeed your life in an optimistic approach. In all, this yoga retreat in Rishikesh a delightful prospect to relax and unwind while taking back home a wealth of health along with Yogic knowledge, insight and philosophy. This yoga retreat or holiday will give a new edge or dimensions to the life you are living and you will feel an opening of a new horizon. You may discover that this yoga retreat benefited you immensely and you will certainly come back again for your next yogic vacations.

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