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Yoga Teastimonials My name is jennifer I belong to New Jersey, America. I spend one month at Arpit yoga place which is in Rishikesh, India. Here, I came for certified beginner level yoga teacher training course. I feel I get more than I paid for a yoga course at Arpit. Arpit is providing comfortable stay along with the meal for the duration of the training. I got a single room with attached washroom. It was well ventilated and fully furnished. At the centre of school, there was green lawn which was surrounding by cafeteria, lounge, central kitchen and library.
Meal was served in the cafeteria which was prepared in central kitchen. A part of the school exclusively used to provide ayurvedic massage, yoga therapy and spa. The masters here are not only expert in yoga they are equally good as teachers. They exhibit required level of maturity and sense of humor. They make students enjoy yoga. I never felt that I am in a class following instruction and learning steps. It should be definitely like this in every other yoga school.
jennifer ( USA)
Yoga TeastimonialsLearning yoga at Arpit Yoga Place was quite meaningful. The masters, management and supporting staff were very helpful and aware of their roles and responsibilities. My room was quite peaceful. The stay was basic yet comfortable. I got fresh bedding, furniture, locker,cupboard and western style washroom in my room. My day started with a cup of herbal tea and Sun Salutation. I tasted variety of Indian cuisines in Arpit Yoga cafeteria. Rajma curry served with onion raita and green salad was my favorite. I even asked the recipe of this cuisine. I will try preparing it at my home.
A visit to historical places arranged by the masters was full of fun and learning. I liked the laxman Jhula and an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, Nilkanth Mahadev temple. I also enjoyed river-rafting and trekking. If I talk about yoga, my performance was regularly assessed by the masters. I got specific suggestions and clues to improve my alignments. The scenic location and peaceful environment really helped me deeply involve in yoga. Thanks to Arpit Yoga for choosing a wonderful place to teach yoga.
Kim( Canada )
Yoga TeastimonialsI visited India many times in the past. This time I came here for yoga teacher training. I feel lucky that I chose Arpit yoga out of so many options available in the Rishikesh. At Arpit, I get the kind of peace and tranquility that I was longing for a long time. I stayed in a separate room. When not in the class I spend most of my time in the balcony of my room. It gave me the perfect view of mountaina and snow-covered peaks. Even after the yoga sessions I practiced meditation in the balcony on my yoga mat.
The meal was vegetarian. I never thought, a vegetarian meal could be so delicious and nutritious. The credit goes to Indian spices and the fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits of Rishikesh. I can't forget the thrill of river rafting. Guru Mohan was with us in the boat. He was quite confident but I was nervous, first time I was feeling a mighty river. I feel Arpit has given equal importance to various other aspects of yoga teacher training to make the students more comfortable and relaxed.
Alex john (USA)
Yoga TeastimonialsA master has great a role to play when you plan to learn an art. I thank Guru Mohan and Vikas for being the accomplished masters and running a registered yoga school in Rishikesh. They understood my strengths and weakness and gave me the necessary tips. I totally got rid of the fear of hurting myself in the company of masters. I performed many difficult poses confidentally. Thanks to all Gurus of Arpit for making me realize that learning and teaching yoga could be so simple and exciting.
I feel confident after completing my training. I closely observed the masters during yoga classes. I noticed the way they interact with students and encourage them to perform poses. I definitely keep them in my mind while teaching yoga. I hope I will soon become like them. In my home town I will share my yoga skills with my friends and family and teach them as I am a certified yoga teacher now. My mom will be thrilled on watching me practicing poses and I will teach her meditation and pranayam.
Julie (Canada)
Yoga Teastimonials Before I came to Arpit Yoga Place. I had a belief that yoga is some kind of physical activity. Today, after successfully completing my training. I found that I was totally wrong. Yoga is not just a physical exercise. It is something that is connected with our body, mind, and soul. It not only makes you fit and provide health benefits. It also gives you peace, makes you calm and helps you realize your inner self. I learned all these things at Arpit Yoga, Before starting teaching yoga they presented the real picture of yoga. They explained the yoga philosophy, told about the history and life of Indian yogis who developed the different styles of yoga.
In practice sessions, the masters taught us the anatomy of yoga poses before making us perform poses. Few yoga sessions were conducted at outdoor locations i.e. beside holy river Ganges and in the courtyard of ancient temples. My training at Arpit was also full of fun and adventure. At weekends, our skills were evacuated and after that we go for extracurricular outdoor activities like river rafting, kayaking, trekking and mountain biking. This part of my training made me feel as if I am on an adventurous trip
Guillermo ( Italy)
Yoga Teastimonials Although my training was of 200-hour duration I learned a number of things along with yoga. Masters at Arpit Yoga told us you need to develop compassion and love in yourself before you think to learn yoga. Yoga philosophy helped me understand the spiritual aspects of yoga and yogic diet told the importance of satvic food (vegetarian food). The Arpit Yoga has huge collection of yoga books. I issued books on yoga philosophy and yoga diet which I used to read before going to bed. The atmosphere at Arpit was like an Ashram there were no unnecessary noises and talk to ensure peace and privacy to the students.
I completed my 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher training at Arpit Yoga. The Training was the blend of theory and practice sessions. The batches were small. I enjoyed the outdoor training sessions amidst picturesque locations. I never thought the course fee would be inclusive of so many benefits. Thank you Arpit Yoga Place !
Kylian (France)
Yoga Teastimonials I am Chris. Before I came to Arpit Yoga I was a yoga beginner and now after completing the yoga teacher training I am a certified yoga teacher. At my home, I was practicing yoga after watching the online yoga tutorial and yoga videos on YouTube. But a number of Questions left unanswered. And I decided to find an ideal place and experts to learn yoga. India was my first preference as it is the birthplace of yoga. After few days of research, I finalized Arpit yoga.
The course fee was within my budget and the school was located in Rishikesh; the city which is visited by a large number of yoga beginners for yoga teacher training. The interaction with master Mohan and Vikas way the most important part of my training. They answered all of my questions and corrected my postures . At the end of sessions, the master used to share their teaching experiences and the way they handle the batches of students with different backgrounds and cultures. It will help me teaching yoga confidently. Thanks to masters!
Chris ( USA)
Yoga TeastimonialsFor the first time I visited Rishikesh when I was a kid. I came here with my parents during my summer vacation. I still remember I saw many yogis and people practicing yoga poses beside temples and rivers. I really liked the poses, setting your body into different positions. I tried to perform poses but my dad told me I was too young for yoga. So my connection with yoga is quite old, a part of my childhood memories. It is also the reason for choosing Rishikesh to learn yoga. I had basic understanding of yoga. It didn't take much time for me to choose a right yoga school that suits my requirements and budget.
After a brief search I find Arpit Yoga Place is a right place for me. Today, I can say I made a right decision by choosing Arpit. Yoga masters Mohan and Vikas have their unique way of teaching. One of them performs the poses and the other one explains each minute detail about the pose. I remember while practicing poses I was about to fall but master Mohan was already standing beside me. He supported my back and let me attained the complete pose. Their compassion and love for students touched my heart.
Mark (USA)
Yoga Teastimonials It was like I am learning yoga in an Ashram. The atmosphere of the Arpit yoga place was quite peaceful and relaxing. The best thing was its location. You can view the mountains, river Ganges while staying at Arpit. Spending time with like-minded people at a hill station was amazingly exciting. Guru Mohan told us that most of the yoga poses are inspired from of nature so if you practice yoga amidst natural environment you will be benefited more. Might be due to this season Arpit Yoga is located in Rishikesh and most of our yoga sessions were conducted in peaceful scenic outdoor locations.
Before every pose, the Gurus described the anatomy and physiology of the pose. It helped me understand to what extent I can stretch my body and the health benefits associated with a particular pose. I took the full advantages the facility of ayurvedic massage and yoga therapy. There were rashes on my skin, I was given an ayurvedic paste to apply on my body . It really worked. It anyone asks me at my hometown where to go for yoga teacher training. I will definitely say "Arpit Yoga Place!"
Julie ( Philippines)
Yoga Teastimonials Learning yoga at Arpit Yoga Place was full of pleasant surprises. I got the opportunity to live the life of a yogi. The school was like a Ashram; surrounded by beautiful mountains, ancient temples and historical places. A lot of things covered in the training apart from yoga poses, meditation and pranayama. The importance of yogic life style, yogic diet and yoga therapy for chronic illnesses were some of the topics which I liked most.
There were separate rooms for the students. The rooms were spacious and well maintained. The lounge, lawn and terrace were the common areas where we all students spent time with the masters before taking dinner. For the first time I tasted a variety of Indian cuisines. The rajma-rice, moong dal khichdi and kheer were quite delicious. One every Sunday, our alignments were assessed and corrected accordingly by the masters. It helped the all students to successfully complete the training. The guru Mohan told us that whether you teach yoga or not you should keep practicing yoga.And, I am definitely going to follow that!
Michelle ( USA)
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