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The yoga professionals at Arpit Yoga academy are deprived of any doubt amid the most knowledgeable and competent yoga teachers all across the globe. They brag exceptionally different qualifications and every one of them share a single common passion: serving others with this art of yoga to achieve harmony in their lives by discovering inner peace and satisfaction which permits them to comprehend real beauty in the routine life, and appreciate life for all it has to proffer and live it to the fullest!

Swami Nityananda Giri Swami Nityananda Giri
A child prodigy, Swami ji was a compassionate soul since his birth. A Ph D in Cytogenetic, he has been teaching at many pioneer institutes. But his love for Kriya yoga to which he was introduced in 1994, led him to deeper aspects of this science. An author of the well proclaimed book, Kriya Yoga- The science of life force, he teaches students of Vyasa Yoga Peeth to give initiation to Kriya Yoga. Due to immense busy schedule, it is advised that his presence should be conformed before arriving.
Experiece : 22 Years Yoga Alliance USA
Acharya Tuna Khatua Acharya Tuna Khatua
Tuna Khatua is one of the renowned yogis in Rishikesh, who have spent their life in this field. A strong believer of Ayurveda and its form, he has been preaching and practicing the same ever since he entered this field. He also preaches Sivananda yoga, Himalaya yoga, six systems of yoga philosophy & yoga anatomy at the ashram. Applying a well qualified approach with a master degree in Yogic sciences, Acharya ji emphasis on simple living & high thinking. He has been constantly under the guidance of great seers & sages of Rishikesh which he amalgamated in his everyday lessons at the centre.
Experiece : 15 Years Yoga Alliance USA
Yoga Teacher Mohan Yoga Guru Mohan
Hi I am Yogacharya Mohan; I am a qualified and competent yoga teacher, who teaches Hatha yoga, Shivananda yoga, Raj Yoga, acupressure and naturopathy. I am a successful and a professional teacher in my field and engaged in conducting 200 & 500 hours yoga teacher training in India. I started yoga at the age of 15. I am regularly participating in a number of seminars and yoga festivals being conducted all over the world. My deep understanding on body alignments and asana helps me a lot to give basic comprehension over human body. You will find my classes an amalgamation of professionalism, competence, strictness with considerate softness and good sense of humor, which makes my training-sessions extremely effective and enthusiastically balanced. I am a passionate teacher with zeal to discover something new in each and every student. I am a professional yoga teacher and at the same time a motivator and fun-loving human being.
Experiece : 13 Years Yoga Alliance USA
Yogi Yogendra Mishra Yogi Yogendra Mishra
Hi I am Yogendra Mishra. I am a senior yoga master. I have more than 30 years of experience in teaching yoga. I hold a master degree in philosophy from Agra University and a degree in physical education science from Amravati University. I also have been part of various yoga research projects, related to benefits associated with yoga. On special invitations, I have visited many countries such as Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany and U.S.A, across the globe, to teach yoga and share my yogic wisdom and experiences. People remember me as a great Human being and compassionate yoga master. I am honored to be a part teaching-panel of Arpit Yoga. At present, I am living at Village-Tapovan, District – Tehri Garhwal, Rishikesh, and State – Uttrakhand of India.
Experiece : 20 Years Yoga Alliance USA
Yoga Guru - Kiranjot Yoga Guru - Kiranjot
Hi I am Kiranjot, born in Maharashtra, the land of the great yogis who made a great contribution in spreading spiritual teachings and experiences across the globe. Since childhood, I am interested in yoga and spirituality, also I am very close to nature, may be due to vibrations of such a beautiful natural place. I started doing some basic asana at the age of 16 under the guidance of my guru 'Ratan Singh Ji' and practiced them regularly till graduation. Later, I became more interested in yoga and started experimenting and searching new things. My passion towards yoga inspired me to do M.Sc. in Yoga Science. Where, I learnt various aspects of yoga and became specialized in Modern Anatomy and Physiology, Yogic Anatomy and Physiology, research, asanas with their proper alignment, adjustments, breathing-patterns and techniques, to name a few. Along with this, I got a strong command over the basics of ayurveda, pranayama and yogic-cleansing techniques. While teaching scientific aspects of yoga, I present an excellent combination of ancient yogic science and modern medical science, may due to this reason, my students love the way I teach them.
Experiece : 5 Years Yoga Alliance USA
Suryans Thakur Suryans Thakur
Hi I am Suryans Thakur. I am born and brought up in Rishikesh. I spent my childhood in an ashram, at the banks of holy river Ganges. Yoga attracted me when I was quite young so began learning and practicing yoga. I feel proud to be an important part of Arpit Yoga teaching-panel. I also conducted various workshops on yoga in European (Denmark, Belgium, and France) and Asian countries (Russia and China). A rich heritage in yoga and experience - gained through conducting workshops - makes me an accomplished yoga master who knows how to interact and teach yoga to people with diverse backgrounds in a simple yet effective way.
Experiece : 14 Years Yoga Alliance USA
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